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When it Comes to Spending, Focus on Meaning

By Dawn Starks

Simplicity as Spiritual Practice

By Leo Babauta

Focus on the Reasons You Can

By Joshua Becker

Five Questions Worth Asking Before Buying

By Joshua & Ryan

How to diversify your investment portfolio

By Narendra Nathan

10 Things I've Done to Simplify My Life

By Allie Casazza

How Minimalism Can Enhance Your Life

By Paula McKee

9 Ways to Protect Kids from Consumerism

By Tara Button

8 Ways to Adopt a Zero-waste Lifestyle

By Joanne Criss

Six Questions To Ask Yourself While Minimizing

By Cheryl Smith

The Four Monkeys of Materialism

By Tara Button

How Do I Achieve Financial Freedom?

By Chris Hogan

5 Stress Management Techniques

By Lucy Miller

Practical Minimalism Tips For Beginners

By Anthony Ongaro

How Much is Enough?

By Vishal Khandelwal

Slowing Down While Living Fast

By Krissy McNeill

The Ground of Your Basic Goodness

By Leo Babauta

Confessions of a (Reformed) Shopaholic

By Britt - No Sidebar

A Life of Peacefulness

By Leo Babauta

Does Buying in Bulk Really Save You Money?

By Dave Ramsey

Why It’s Important To Work Hard

By Joshua Becker

10 Learnings From 10 Day Vipassana Course

By Hardik Nagar

Ten Ways Minimalism Will Improve Your Life

By Joshua Becker

Letting go of my Instagram addiction

By Rebecca Cooper

Ten Things Our Minimizing Journey Has Taught Us

By Cheryl Smith - No Sidebar

Minimize The Pressure of Consumer Culture

By Anthony Ongaro

'FOMO spending' is a real problem for young people

By Katherine Martinko

They ditched pricey home ownership for a small house

By Lisa Boone

How to Get Wealthy (Over Time)

By Vishal Khandelwal

The relationship between time, money, and happiness

By JD Roth

When The Stuff You Own Keeps You From Your Dreams

By Joshua Becker

Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard?

By Jon Jandai

Two Simple Habits of Non-Procrastinators

By Leo Babauta

Investing and the Art of Cloning

By Vishal Khandelwal

A Helpful Guide to Stop Overspending With Friends

By Joshua Becker

Want to Lead a Happy Life?

By Jay Harrington

Letting Go of the Guilt of Not Getting Things Done

By Leo Babauta - Zen Habits

Imagine Life Without This

By Nataly Kogan

Do Nothing When Nothing Must Be Done

By Vishal Khandelwal

15 Ways to Teach Kids About Money

By Dave Ramsey

Of Bad Businesses, Unethical Managers, and Stock Market Volatility

By Vishal Khandelwal

Four Simple Steps for Spring “Curating”

By Colleen Mariott - No Sidebar

The Power of 5 Minute Margins

By Andrew Rocha

Concept of God

By Neeraj Deginal

Why Minimalism is a Better Way of Life

By Brian Gardner - No Sidebar

How to Save for the Future

By Dave Ramsey

Still the Most Important Piece of Financial Advice You’ll Ever Receive

By Joshua Becker - Becoming Minimalist

How to Start Living a Debt Free Life

By wikiHow

11 Habits of People Who Are Debt Free

By Maureen Campaiola

How to STOP living paycheck to paycheck

By Lydia

Becoming a Master of the Time-Scarcity Demon

By Leo Babauta - Zen Habits

Monkey hole: A real life lesson

By Prince Ea

4 Things We Think We Need Today that Won't Matter at All

By Marc Chernoff

'I was a multimillionaire – then I gave my fortune away'

By Dariel Garner

Positive Thinking: Why It’s Essential to Happiness

By Allison Fallon - No Sidebar

7 Characteristics of Debt-Free Living

By Dave Ramsey

Extreme frugality allowed me to retire at 32 – and regain control of my life

By Elizabeth Willard Thames - The Guardian

The Pursuit Of Status: How To Avoid Chasing The Wrong Things

By Louis Chew - Medium

The Case For Minimalism

By Joshua Becker - Forbes

How to Teach Kids the Value of Money

By Vishal Khandelwal - Safal Niveshak

The Fear of Missing Out

By Brian Gardner - No Sidebar

The Hidden Force that Won Me Financial Freedom

By Vishal Khandelwal - Safal Niveshak

How to Develop a Mind That Clings to Nothing

By Leo Babauta - Zen Habits

Five Life-Giving Truths About Living Simply And Saving Money

By Joshua Becker - Becoming Minimalist

Alarming Statistics That Show Just How Addicted We Are To Mobile Devices

By Anthony Ongaro - Break the Twitch

The Way of No Debt

By Leo Babauta - Zen Habits

Power of Compounding

By Tony Robbins

A Simple Guide To Reducing Inbox Overwhelm

By Anthony Ongaro - Break the Twitch

The 10 Key Actions That Finally Got Me Out of Debt

By Leo Babauta - Zen Habits

Why Time in Nature Leads to a Happier, Healthier Lifestyle

By Melani Schweder

Sell your crap. Pay your debt. Do what you love.

By Adam Baker

12 People—Just Like You—Who Have Used Minimalism To Pay Off Debt

By Joshua Becker - Becoming Minimalist

A Simple Guide to Start Saving Money

By Joshua Becker - Becoming Minimalist

8 Characteristics of People Who Are Successful At Getting Out Of Debt

By Joshua Becker - Becoming Minimalist

How to Cut Down on Unwanted Junk Mail

By Whitson Gordon